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You may have used Gary Guard Products for electrical isolation on lines in the past now the makers of Gary Guard Products bring you SAFETYSHIELD for electric arc protection.

There are two sides to electric arc exposure, thermal blast and fragmentation.  Arc clothing is designed to protect you from the thermal blast with limited protection from the fragmentation.  SAFETYSHIELD is designed and tested to give added protection from both. 

Not a replacement to arc flash gear or PPE but a great supplement to it. SAFETYSHIELD goes beyond PPE to an combination PPE/engineering solution which can prevent much of the arc energy and subsequent metal fragments, molten metal and potential shrapnel from even reaching your workers. 

Described as a "barrier on a hotstick" SAFETYSHIELD is a real innovation for protecting electrical workers while making their job easier AND safer to perform.  Check out the ways we can help your workers be more protected.


SafetyShield gave this worker the time to clear the arc energy blast in the initial phase of the explosion.
There was no injury to the worker. After the worker cleared the blast area, the sustained burning of the oil eventually melted a side of the SafetyShield.

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